SOCIAL MEDIACOLYPSE!! (how's that for click bait?)

August 9, 2019




I think I have finally isolated exactly what it is about Twitter, Facebook, et al. that I definitively dislike. At its essence, all social media is marketing. 


Even if it’s as innocuous as updating friends about your social life, it’s a form of marketing. It’s marketing your life. It’s presenting your life in the most attractive possible light. 


Just like most commercial marketing, it is at best only sixty percent false, while the remaining forty percent is just magnificently exaggerated.


 Marketing works best when it creates desire. The Buddhists site desire as the essence of suffering. To perpetually want is to be perpetually unhappy. 


When you market through social media, you create desire in others through the sheer picturesque appearance of your own life. 


They desire to have an authentic life that mirrors the forgery you have presented to the world. 


This desire replaces what was only minutes ago, serene contentment with ones day. 


This inspires the purveyor to then market his own life back to you, complete with their own drastically embellished flare. 


A few minutes later, in another corner of the internet, another person is inspired ‘inspired’ (morphed from a contented individual counting his blessings into a crazed market vampire) to create out of a newly born desire, to create his own illustrious campaign. 


This campaign is then seen by someone else who is now filled with the same wanting as was our original marketer, and the whole cycle repeats itself into infinity until everyone feels like shit. 


The end result is an entire population of people marketing nothing to no one. 


Once the perfunctory accolades from people who are only ‘liking’ things to show how NOT jealous they are has subsided, it’s only a matter of time before the person on the receiving end of the ephemeral thumbs up, once again begins feeling empty. 


No one sees that part though. 


It’s bad marketing. 


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